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Msbte Toolkit - Model Q/A Papers

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Msbte Toolkit - Model Q/A Papers

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Msbte Toolkit - Model Q/A Papers

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Blue Dart Shipping - Buy Now

PID P201833
Name Blue Dart Shipping
Price ₹ 14999.00
Category php
Description Overview: The success of your online store actually depends on a number of things. For example: The online reputation of your online store. The kind of experience your customers have while adding products to their cart. The feel and look of your online shop The payment methods you accept. The checkout experience your store gives to your customers. This list does not determine the success of your online shop to a large extent. But the availability of COD (Cash on Delivery) and Shipping experience do this because your customers expect their product to reach them within the timeframe you promise. This is where Blue Dart Shipment extension exceeds the requirements and expectations of your customers.


This extension also performs a number of important tasks and ensures a remarkable online shopping experience for your customers on your web store. For example:

  • Shoppers can check the availability of COD option in their country or region before placing order.
  • Once order is placed, it generates a PDF containing information regarding the order. This information is directly about customer’s name, customer’s contact number, Product type and category, company, order ID Shipping address etc. in the form of a barcode.
  • This extension is also for Blue Dart shipment tracking to let customers track their product/order anytime.

Vital Features Include:

  • Check Availability of COD:

It allows your customers to check the availability of COD (Cash on Delivery) before they place their order. More importantly, their valuable time is saved as entering zip code allows them to check the availability of COD in their region/state or country.

  • Check Product Information and Cart Page:

This is very important for your customers. Your customers always to want to check the product information they want to purchase. They also want to check the cart page to see important details. The details include the number of products they are purchasing, total bill of the number of products in cart, availability of COD, shipping Fee, expected date of product delivery, product quantity left in stock, offers available on buying products, options to remove some product from cart.

  • COD Available as Per Region and Payment Method Specified at Checkout:

You can let your customer know whether COD is available in their region or not. As for reason, the availability of depends not only region but also on the price of product the customer wants to purchase. Moreover, the availability of COD in any region or country is determined by the Blue Dart Instead of the e-commerce store owners.

  • Dispatch Consignment to Blue Dart and Receive the AWB Number:

Now you are ready to dispatch the consignment to the Blue Dart and receive the AWB Number. This AWB number helps your customers track the shipping status of their products using Blue-Dart. You have to give this AWB number to the customer through e-mail or SMS. This Blue dart shipment extension gets you that AWB number.

  • Print or Download the Consignment’s PDF:

Once all the process mentioned above is completed by you and customer, you need to print or download the PDF containing all the information about the product ordered by your customer. This will help you keep record about the order placed by your customer.

  • Create Shipment for Order:

Finally, you need to create shipment for order to make sure your customer’s order is delivered on time for wonderful shopping experience on your e-commerce store. Make sure it is done to perfection as it may encourages customers to come back to your store for more shopping in future.