Msbte Toolkit - Model Q/A Papers

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Msbte Toolkit - Model Q/A Papers

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Msbte Toolkit - Model Q/A Papers

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Msbte Toolkit - Model Q/A Papers

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Product Review Analysis For Genuine Rating - Buy Now

PID A201879
Name Product Review Analysis For Genuine Rating
Price ₹ 11000.00
Category android
Description This system is used to help a user to get a product at its best choice and best price. The Admin and the user part both are an Android Application thus the front end uses Android Studio and SQL Server as its Backend. This system allows the user to look into a product with different reviews and rating rated by other users and for his simplicity the system shows the overall average rating of that product. The System also allows the user to compare 2 products of the same kind or same category and to rate and review the product as he wishes too but limiting to only once per product. The System is meant to give a rough as well as a much detailed idea of whether the user should go for a product. The System gives a list of sellers and its price offered which is added by the admin for the user’s convenience and preference. The Users role is to check out for the product using all the resources offered by the system in finding the best product and give his rating and review. The User is also allowed to give his feedback. The Admin is responsible to add update or delete a product while adding seller’s information as well and likewise view users and their feedbacks.


  • Add Product: The Admin adds a product by filling all the details related to the product along with the seller’s information.


  • View Product: The Admin can also filter the product based on their category and view all the product details with the ratings by the users.


  • Edit Product: The Admin is allowed to modify the product details as well as delete a product.


  • View User: The Admin gets a list of all the users with all their details.


  • View Feedback: The Admin is allowed to monitor all the feedbacks sent by the users and delete if they are irrelevant.



  • Registration: The user has to register into the System with all his basic details.


  • Login: The user has to login into the system and then can he make use of the system resources. The user need not login all the time; once he’s logged in he is remembered until he logs out.


  • View Category: The user can view all the products based on the category.


  • View Product: The user can view a single product with all the details namely; pictures, overall ratings, sellers information, description and ratings/reviews.


  • Rate/Review: The user is allowed to rate and review a product only once.


  • Compare: The user can compare to products of the same kind/category.


  • Feedback: The user can give his feedback about the system or product.


Update Details: The user is allowed to update or modify few of its details