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Msbte Toolkit - Model Q/A Papers

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Msbte Toolkit - Model Q/A Papers

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Msbte Toolkit - Model Q/A Papers

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Smart City Traveler - Buy Now

PID A201880
Name Smart City Traveler
Price ₹ 14500.00
Category android
Description Android Smart City Traveler by the Name indicated smartly makes its way in analyzing user’s likes and dislikes and the time period the user is willing to explore a place and gives him with Amazing results in the form of 3 paths to utilize the time. This System is basically used to help a traveler new to the city or anyone who wants to explore a city in the given time period, the system makes use of the Foursquare API to get all the locations and places with all their information to sort and place it before the user in 3 paths to make his choice. The Places are sorted and selected based on the top rankings by the foursquare. During the user Registration, the user is asked some questions helping them to filter out in searching the places, the places are displayed on the maps giving a clear idea of the location and giving the paths from one place to another from the start location to the end location. The Time shouldn’t exceed 22 hours and the travel plan u chooses is saved only for a single day and exceeding will be dissolved. If the time specified by the user exceeds 8 hours i.e. between 9 am to 7 pm the system also asks u whether u wants to visit an adventure or water park and will show u options based on the rankings and reviews about it. Since the Traveler may be new to the city not knowing any place, in the map view if the user clicks on the marker he can see the ratings and reviews which are recorded from the Foursquare itself. The System requires An Working Internet Connection all the time for the app to work. The frontend of the System makes use of Android Studio while SQL Server as the Backend.
  • Registration: The User has to register into the system with his basic details and answer few questions asked by the System.


  • Login: The User has to Login into the System to make use of it.


  • Travel Plan: The user is allowed to see his travel plan, i.e. the current travel plan, the plan is expired after a day.


  • Planning Your Day: The user has to just put in his start time, end time and the start location and the rest of the System does its work.


  • Feedback: The user is allowed to give feedback.