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Msbte Toolkit - Model Q/A Papers

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Msbte Toolkit - Model Q/A Papers

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Msbte Toolkit - Model Q/A Papers

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School Bus Tracker - Buy Now

PID A201882
Name School Bus Tracker
Price ₹ 15000.00
Category android
Description This system is a combination of the web as well as the android application where the driver will be using the android application whereas admin and parent will be using web application. This system is basically meant for tracking the bus in which her/his child travel’s on the parent’s part and the admin to track his driver and to get information about his attendance. The System allows the admin to add a student with a system generated password which is then emailed to the parent so that the parent can locate and track the bus. The System allows the Admin to add a driver and maintain a database to track his movements and accordingly his attendance. The bus driver when he starts his duty has to login into his account, where the credentials will be his phone number and the password will be given by the admin and on every 5 minutes interval, the GPS Coordinates of the driver is been sent to the server. When his duty is over he can logout of the app and wind up for the day which will help the admin with his working hours and attendance. The Parent can track his child or children and can give a feedback to the children. The frontend of the System makes use of Eclipse ADT and with c# while SQL Server as the Backend.


  • Add Driver: The Admin is allowed to add a driver.


  • Add Student: The Admin is allowed to add a student and his details and a system generated password will be emailed to the parent’s email address.


  • View Feedback: The Admin can view the feedback given by the parents.


  • View Bus Details: The Admin can view the bus details and likewise can modify them.



  • Parent Login: The Parent is allowed to login into the system with the password sent to his/her email Id.


  • Track: The parent can locate and track the bus movements.


  • Feedback: The Parent can give a feedback regarding the service or any complaints or suggestions.


  • Change Password: The Parent can change the password as the password is initially given by the system which is difficult to memorize.


  • Forgot Password: The Parent can provide the email address and reset the password the parent forgets it.


  • Login/Logout: The Driver has to login into the app and during these actions, the GPS coordinates are sent to the server.


  • App Live: The Driver has to keep the app live till his duty is over as the App sends the GPS Coordinates in the internal of 5 minutes.