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Msbte Toolkit - Model Q/A Papers

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Msbte Toolkit - Model Q/A Papers

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Msbte Toolkit - Model Q/A Papers

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Health Prediction - Buy Now

PID A201892
Name Health Prediction
Price ₹ 15000.00
Category android
Description • It might have happened so many times that you or someone yours need doctors to help immediately, but they are not available due to some reason. • The Health Prediction application is an end user support and online consultation project. • Here we propose an android application that allows users to get instant guidance on their health issues through an intelligent healthcare application online. • The application is fed with various symptoms and the disease/illness associated with those systems. • The application allows the user to share their symptoms and issues. • It then processes user’s symptoms to check for a various illness that could be associated with it. • Here we use some intelligent data mining techniques to guess the most accurate illness that could be associated with patient’s symptoms. • If the application is not able to provide suitable results, it urges users to go for blood test, x-ray, CITI scan or whichever report it feels user’s symptoms are associated with, so next time user may be able to login and upload an image of those reports. • The application also has a doctor login, these uploaded images are now sent to the respective doctor along with patient contact details. • The doctors may now contact the patient for further process.


  • Patient Login:
  • Patient Login to the application using his ID and Password.
  • Patient Registration:
  • If Patient is a new user, he will enter his personal details and he will user Id and password through which he can login to the application.
  • My Details:
  • The patient can view his personal details.
  • Disease Prediction:
  • Patient will specify the symptoms caused due to his illness. The application will ask a certain question regarding his illness and application predict the disease based on the symptoms specified by the patient and application will also suggest doctors based on the disease.
  • Search Doctor:
  • A patient can search for the doctor by specifying the name, address or type.
  • Feedback:
  • The patient will give feedback this will be reported to the admin.


  • Doctor Login:
  • A doctor will access the application using his User ID and Password.
  • Patient Details:
  • Doctor can view patient’s personal details.
  • Patient’s Previous Details:
  • A doctor will get all information about patient’s previous case history. That will help him to serve him better.





  • Admin Login:
  • Admin can login to the application using his ID and Password.
  • Add Doctor:
  • Admin can add new doctor details into the database.
  • Add Disease:
  • Admin can add disease details along with symptoms and type.
  • View Doctor:
  • Admin can view various Doctors along with their personal details.
  • View Disease:
  • Admin can view various diseases details stored in the database.
  • View Patient:
  • Admin can view various patient details who had accessed the application.
  • View Feedback:
  • Admin can view feedback provided by various users.